Unfortunately, Emotional Support Animals are not legally recognised in the UK, yet. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a pet who’s always there for you!

There are several benefits of getting an animal to address issues regarding emotional and mental disorders. So let’s find out what kind of emotional benefits are people reaping with their favourite pets.

1. Calms Anxiety

Knowing that there is another being with you when you are feeling anxious is one of the main reasons that ESA’s are very effective. Interacting with certified animals can reduce the amounts of anxiety and stress that you feel.

Scientific studies show that the presence or feel of your ESA can release endorphins which in turn help calm you down and relieve stress.
Studies have also indicated that petting a dog or cat or any other furry creature that you have bonded with can really lower a person’s heart rate and blood pressure.

As you bond with your buddy, you get to experience the calming nature of most ESA’s and it will affect you as well. Creatures certified as support animals are chosen for their calm nature and their temperament.

2. Encourages Love and Care

Having another living being constantly beside you as you go through your life dealing with cancer helps you be more aware that there are others who still need your care. Whether you like it or not, you have an obligation to care for another living creature who is dependent on you. Some people may find this a burden initially but you will get to understand that your relationship with your ESA is a give and take one which should inspire you to get up and live.

3. Distraction

Aside from the fact that you have to take care of the needs of your ESA, you will also learn to care for it and love it. Animals easily bond with their owners and owners are just as susceptible to the charms of their dependents. Having something else to be busy with can easily distract you from the worries and anxieties that often crop up.

This is not to say that you should focus solely on your ESA but you should learn to prioritize things as well. Caring for an animal that cares for you unconditionally can help to allay the feelings of loss and confusion. The support creature can be a distraction from the worries that often plague a person who may feel lost or confused.

4. Get Up and Move

Taking care of the needs of others while you have cancer can help you get up and move. ESA’s need exercise, especially dogs and cats. They also need to be let out to relieve themselves. Walking with your ESA will not only do them a world of good but yourself as well.

When you are diagnosed with cancer, you still need to be active in order to gain strength to face the necessary medical procedures that might be needed to get better. Taking a short walk, or maybe even a long one, when you still can will be beneficial for you and your ESA.

5. Get Help

Your emotional support animal can also help you call for help when you are in distress. Most, if not all, of the ESA’s are trained to deal with symptoms of cancer as well as when you are in distress. Certified furry helpers are trained to bark for attention or some may even actively seek help when they see you need it.

6. They Supplement Help

Your furry friend (or feathery friend!) is sometimes used to provide treatment which may be related to cognitive behavior on your part. They help you to gain as much control of your mental health as well as support you in times of need. Mental health usually needs strength and will which animals can inspire because of their unconditional love for us.

7. Regulate Emotions

Having a constant in your life is one way of regulating emotions. Daily feelings and emotions may swing up and down especially when faced with a life changing threat. Having a support animal, helps to give consistency to your everyday emotions.

8. Open Connections

An emotional support animal can also help you be more social and open. So many people love animals and many are not afraid to show this. Having a four legged friend (or any other kind!) can open the lines of communications with strangers who wish to say hi to you and your ESA.

People who are initially diagnosed with cancer often close up on themselves after the diagnosis. A service animal of this kind can help you bridge the gap between strangers and even your family members because the animal can lower your guard against society. It can shower you with unconditional love no matter how depressed or closed up you are.

9. No Holds Barred Love

Animals usually have no limits when it comes to loving their human family. The benefits of knowing that someone (or something) loves you unconditionally really helps to alleviate the feeling of loss and confusion that sometimes come when you have cancer. Knowing that someone has your back when it comes to love, is such a wonderful feeling!


The advantages and benefits listed above are several of the many that you can experience when you opt to have an emotional support animal with you.

Is there anything you’d like to add? If so, please leave us a comment!

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