Contributor Guidelines

Please read the instructions very carefully.

How and Where to send article:

Email us at contribute at emotionalsupportanimals dot org dot uk and please put the words “ESA UK Contributor Application” in the subject line. The article must be sent as a Google Doc file.

Article format (Very Important):

Edit and finalize your article on a Google doc file.
For ‘Sharing’ settings, choose ‘anyone with the link can view this file’.
Attach the link with your submission email.


  1. If you have a ready article, send it directly to us. We may or may not like your topic and/or article. If we like it, we will let you know and also give you a publishing date. If you do not hear back from us in 7 days, it’s likely we didn’t like it. At that point, you may reach out to other publishers with your article.
  2. If you have topics to pitch, list them down in your email (offer at least 5 topics). If we like any, we will let you know. If we don’t like any of your pitches, we will send you topics from our end; you only do an article if you like any of the topics proposed by us.
  3. If you would consider receiving topics from us, let us know in your email. We will send you topics and you can get started if you like any.

In all cases, your final submission will be assessed for quality and will only be accepted if it meets all guidelines.

Article Quality:

Article may not contain any grammatical and/or liguistic errors.
Article must be 100% original.
Article must be unique to Emotional Support Animals, meaning you may not publish the article anywhere else.
We prefer articles that are informative and attempt to exhaustively cover a particular topic.
We prefer articles that are broken down into well-defined sub-sections and sections.
We prefer articles that make good use of ‘white spaces’.
We do not prefer articles that are excessively promotional in nature.

Links and author bio:

All internal links are placed at the editor’s discretion.
You are not required to link to relevant sources. You are welcome to put in links within your article though – however, an editor will take a second look and only keep ones that enhance the article.
If you need a link back to your website/blog, make sure you mention it in your introductory email. We will allow one dofollow link back to your website/blog in the author bio.

Suggested length of article:

We only consider long-form articles that exhaustively covers a particular topic related to pets.
Any article you send us must be at least 1200 words in length. You can choose to go as high as 2500 words if necessary.


You can insert images within your article wherever and however you want. Just FYI, we plan to do the ‘featured images’ at our end anyway, but just in case you have a really good image, feel free to post it in your article.
Make sure you own the rights to any image you use within the article. Preferred image format is JPEG.


‘Credits’ are posted within articles when appropriate. However, ALL copyright of articles/materials etc. published on will remain with Emotional Support Animals. This also means that we can choose to edit, redirect, or even delete articles whenever we like.

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