EmotionalSupportAnimals.org.uk is a non-profit website built with a great team of people who all have their own story for why they have become involved in the issue. Whether it is through a loved one who has experienced mental health problems, experiencing them themselves or a history of academia related to mental health issues, everyone has a personal reason for joining.

Kirret Kanna


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Kerri Rogers


Kerri is one of the copywriters on our team helping to put together assets for the website, blog, emails, and press releases.

After hearing about the project she was eager to get involved. After suffering the recent loss of a good friend due to his mental health she wants to put as much of her time and energy as she can into ensuring that other people get the help they need before it becomes too late.

She feels strongly that the mental health services in the UK can be improved and the support given is often not up to scratch. By getting emotional support animals recognised she hope to improve the wellbeing of those experiencing mental health issues and even if just a few peoples lives are made a bit better she will be happy.

Scott Mac


Hello! My name is Scott Mac and I’m from the United States.  I am very excited to share how Emotional Support Animals have been successful here in the states in hopes of legalizing it in the U.K. for all that need our furry friends!  

I’m the youngest of four and the Uncle of six. In my life, I have owned three labs. Two of them were rescued from tough situations and one I had as a puppy, who passed away a few years ago.  

I have been going through some difficult times as of late and had to give up my two dogs to return home to live with my parents to get better. My parents are older and having many dogs in the house just wouldn’t work out well.  

I know and understand the importance of having an animal around for comfort. Luckily for me, they already owned a lab named Dunkin. He is a big goofball and I’m thrilled he’s here to help me through my difficult time.

I graduated from college with an English degree so I absolutely love to write.  I’m enthusiastic about researching and sharing what has and has not worked in the states with Emotional Support Animals so that, hopefully, there can be change in the U.K. as well.

Jason Simpkins


Jason Simpkins has worked in the human service field for over 15 years, with experience in individual and family counseling, addiction, suicidology, and crisis intervention. He has also gained experience in non-profit and private practice settings.

With a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!), a Master of Social Work from Grand Valley State University, and an in-progress doctoral degree in social work through Capella University, he has spent a significant amount his life in academia.

Jason has always felt strongly that his first job is to understand a person and their unique situation; without that understanding, he feels he has no basis or right to provide any type of treatment. A personal approach, for this reason, is important in his professional life.

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